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Up-to-date list of songs:
Song InfoWhen PlayedBuy
The Lorax
Slouching In Your Downtekno
Down Tekno EP 1
Bass Star Records
4 minutes In
Frost Raven & Diva Sonic
Spekter (Dubstep mix)
Dubstep Demolition Squad v.1 9
Dubstep SF
5 minutes
Municipal Youth
Party In The Club
Floor Burn 3
Dubstep SF
11 minutes
Funeral Dub
Woofercooka 12
Dubstep SF
15 minutes
Mr. Rogers
Mr. Lemurian (Nov Sanus Remix)
Mr. Lemurian Remixes EP(Dont Use These Tracks) 4
Bass Star Records
20 minutes
Fondest Memories Anthology 5
Bass Star Records
28 minutes
Screams From The Cellar (Original Vocal Dubstep Mix)
My Infernal Ladder To Hell LP 10
Dubstep SF
34 minutes
My Inferno (Original Industrial Drum Step Mix)
My Infernal Ladder To Hell LP 2
Dubstep SF
38 minutes
Advantage of Dope
Advantage of Dope 1
Dubstep SF
43 minutes
Bo Biz
Hobo Money
Legendary EP 1
Dubstep SF
47 minutes
Mykies McFilthy
Dubstep Academy 101 6
Dubstep SF
51 minutes
Dusted Off
This is Dubstep v.1 24
Dubstep SF
54 minutes
Drench - Bros
Drench - Love Life EP 5
Bass Star Records
57 minutes
Mykies McFilthy
Positive Vibes
Dubstep San Francisco v.1 25
Dubstep SF
61 minutes
Intent To Sell
Error 37
From Dusk Till Dawn 6
Dubstep SF
65 minutes
Municipal Youth
This is Dubstep v.1 20
Dubstep SF
69 minutes
This Joint
Dubstep Academy 104 15
Dubstep SF
73 minutes
Ladder To Hell (Xetroc Psystep Remix)
My Infernal Ladder To Hell LP 12
Dubstep SF
77 minutes
Ladder To Hell (Original Mix)
Ladder To Hell Remixes EP 1
Dubstep SF
85 minutes
Drug Money
Vibrate LP 3
Dubstep SF
91 minutes
K Theory
Breathless (Club Mix)
Dubstep RIP 10
Dubstep SF
94 minutes
Messinian & Psychoz
Forgotten Memories (Original Gangstep Album Mix)
Forgotten Memories Remixes LP 12
Dubstep SF
97 minutes
The Boss
Dubstep Masters v.1 1
Dubstep SF
102 minutes
Arch Rival
Drop Stretch Hummers
This is Dubstep v.1 18
Dubstep SF
106 minutes
Municipal Youth
Beat Killa Funktion
Double Bass 2
Dubstep SF
110 minutes
Entity Plus
Devil's Night - EP 3
Dubstep SF
115 minutes